Sunbrella Cushions coming soon

  SLP LOGO    San Luis Umbrella will soon be offering Sunbrella replacement cushions. Some will be the classic colors you've come to know as well as some new colors and patterns that will surely catch your eye. Sign-up for our newsletter to get an advanced notice and special offer for the new products.

Sunbrella Logo Dupoine Deep SeaDid you know that Sunbrella fabrics have the dye pigmented into the yarn before it is woven? The benefit of this process is that the yarn has the color absorbed into all layers of the yarn and therefore resists fading. Unlike traditional polyester, where the dye is applied to the top layers and after some sun exposure, the original yarn color (white) begins to show through. Fading is not a challenge for Sunbrella fabrics. In fact, the Sunbrella fabric doesn't stop there...It also protects you and your family by being resistant to mold or mildew growing on your cushions. The Sunbrella cushions will provide you with many years of like new enjoyment and comfort as a perfect companion to your Patio Furniture and Umbrellas. 

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